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If you need NZ aerial mapping or aerial photos, talk to us at Mapability. Mapability are piloted compact fixed-wing aerial mapping experts. We offer farm mapping, aerial maps for forestry and town planning... and aerial photos Auckland and New Zealand-wide.

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We offer a variety of expert GIS and aerial photography New Zealand services:

  • Town/City Planning
  • Asset management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Power-line surveys
  • Real Estate photographs
  • Coastal surveys and management
  • Road construction and survey
  • Stockpile volume calculation e.g. quarries, mines, cut-and-fill operations
  • Forest health assessment
  • Exotic forest surveys - including extent of planted area, harvest operations, average tree height, volume and wastage estimations
  • Indigenous forest surveys, - e.g. dominant species, forest health, animal-pest damage, canopy height, change in vegetation-cover over time.
  • Biosecurity operations management
  • Illegal plant surveillance
  • Land-use categorisation and change in land-use over time
  • Natural-area and biodiversity protection and management
  • Riparian corridor surveys
  • Erosion survey, including erosion-type and extent, and change over time
  • Farm maps and farm plans - subdivision planning, fencing, precision-agriculture/cropping systems
  • Search-and-Rescue / Recovery
  • Police surveillance
  • Natural disaster surveys
  • Marina operations and planning, including mooring management
  • Port operations and movement planning
  • Urban or industrial subdivision planning and infrastructure management