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- about us -

When you need aerial photos Auckland or New Zealand wide, contact Mapability. We provide a full range of aerial photography services using our piloted compact fixed-wing (PCCFW) aerial platform. We offer basic ortho-corrected aerial photos through to survey-scale DTMs and contour plans. Our latest high-spec camera equipment and imaging analysis ensure you get all the spatial information you need.

We also provide interpretative, GIS and data-analysis services according to your requirements.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide comprehensive services which are:

  1. Extremely cost-effective - receive a no-obligation quote and compare
  2. Responsive - we operate anywhere in New Zealand and at short-notice
  3. Adaptive - can fit around your work-programmes and geographic areas and can photograph areas that larger operators and UAV's cannot
  4. Flexible - able to operate in a range of weather/cloud and light conditions, undertaking grid-surveys or 'corridor' surveys in 2D or 3D and at any resolution
  5. Tailored to your requirements in terms of output format, resolution, scale etc

Contact us now for an obligation-free quote.